"Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through!"

A feeling of deja vu comes over the audience as the Hurricane makes his way down the ramp for the third time that night.

"As I promised before, the videos will begin to get worse and worse. Edge, I know you are very upset with me right now, but you'll be feeling better after this. Lying about your greatest feature is one thing, but.. well, just watch. This vile villain is much, much worse than you!"

However, instead of a video beginning, a highly familiar countdown begins. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..

"Break the walls do-ooown.." Y2J makes his way out from behind the curtain and stops underneath the Titan Tron. Hurricane watches him curiously. He certainly didn't appreciate being interrupted, but moreso, he didn't expect Jericho to interrupt him. As far as the Hurricane knew, Jericho was amongst the good guys..

"Hurricane Helms, I will not let you embarrass me as you have Rob Van Dam and Edge. I'll beat you at your own game and unveil my secret. At least I'll be a bigger man than those two chumps," Jericho announces, smacking his gum.

Back in the ring, Helms is completely dumbfounded. What in the world was Citizen Jericho talking about? Was it possibly that he missed one of the evils in the World Wrestling Federation? "Why, Citizen Jericho, I-"

"Shut up, Junior," the Canadian commands. "Don't interrupt me. I hate that. I'm out here now, ready to confess my secret to the world and I'll be damned if I'm going to stop now."

Hurricane is taken aback by Jericho's snap, but quiets himself nonetheless. Once Chris takes note of Hurricane's silence, he bends down and places his microphone on the floor. He doesn't get back up though. Instead, he beings undoing the lace on one of his boots. The audience is unusually quiet as they watch the blonde go to work on pulling his boot off. He's successful a minute later and as Jericho stands upright and holds the boot in his hand, they all gasp at what they see. Jericho's bare foot was at least four inches above the ground compared to the other one. What in the...?

"Yes, it's true. I do have lifts in my boots. Five inch lifts to be exact," he confesses, looking down at the floor in shame. Just about everyone backstage knew he wore lifts, but he had always told them they were barely an inch and already built into his boots, anyway...

"I'm not five feet, eleven inches. I'm barely five feet, six inches," Jericho moans. "I had to wear lifts because I knew no one would ever take me seriously, due to my lack of vertical height. Not only that, but I would be the laughingstock of the backstage area. Most of the chicks on the roster are taller than me. It's sad."

"Don't feel so bad about it, Citizen Jericho. At least you had the bravery to tell the truth. Some people don't even have the dignity to do that. I must tell you, however, that I did not know of your little lie. I always thought you were amongst the good fellows," Hurricane admits, a solemn smile on his face.

Jericho's eyes go wide and his cheeks begin to turn scarlet. "What? You- you didn't know? You mean, I-I just told everyone that for fear of it being uncovered by you and you didn't even know?" Chris is in total disbelief. Not to mention embarrassment.

"I had no clue. I'm proud of you though, Y2J. I'm very proud of you."

"I don't want your pride, damn it!" Chris stomps his foot in anger. "The only thing I want is to be able to go back in time and undue what just happened. Oh God, I can hear them all laughing now," he says, utter horror on his face. There was laughter all right, but for now, it was coming from the audience. The expression on Jericho's face, not to mention his foot dangling in the air, was a most hilarious sight indeed. "I have to go.. I've gotta get out of here!" Jericho hobbles backstage and most likely, towards his locker room.

"You did the right thing Chris," Helms calls after him. He then shakes his head. "Well, that was a surprise, but it definitely wasn't the surprise I was going to share. Due to this, uh, incident, I'm going to have to postpone my next video until later tonight. I'll be back ladies and gentlemen." As he did just a little bit earlier, Hurricane places his mic on the mat and exits the ring. He wondered what else had slipped out from under his nose.. Whatever it was, he would have to investigate it at a later date, for tonight, his schedule was already filled with uncovering super villains.

Chapter 4