"Have you found out anything about what happened to the site? Who did it?" Vince questions, an eyebrow raised. It was a week later and I had avoided the issue with him for as long as I could. It was fun stringing him along, making him wait. I already knew who to point the finger at for it, but I felt like taking my sweet time ruining their life.


"Uh, I'm getting there," I answer quickly, shifting in my chair as I look at him from on the other side of my office.

"Well, you better fuckin' step on it, ya hear? I want this bastard busted and soon!"

I shut my eyes tightly and slowly count to three. I loathed it when he took that tone with me. Treating me as if I was a child again..

"Don't worry about it, Dad. I have the feeling I'll get this all solved soon. In the meantime, just sit back and wait," I tell him, looking him right in the eyes. While he doesn't say anything to me, his eyes say plenty. He was incredibly infuriated at this feeling of helplessness and quite honestly, I was thriving on it.

My father sighs and gets to his feet. "I expect an update on this situation soon."

"Yeah, whatever," I mutter under my breath as he walks to the door and exits. He would get an update all right, and when he does I'll be glad to give it to him.


I glance down at my watch and chuckle. 6:58 P.M. Judgment Day for that poor sucker when I set him up. Ahh, things couldn't get any better.

Wait, they could, but that's going to happen later.

Knocking on Vince's door, I try my best to get the smirk off my face. What I "found out" was certainly no laughing matter, after all!

"Come in!" Dad barks from the room. Good, he was still in a bad mood. I think this was the first time I was actually looking forward to his awful mood.

I turn the knob quickly and enter, a grim expression now fixed on my face.

"Dad!" I cry out, putting much excitement behind my voice. "I found out who did it!!"

Vince leaps out of his chair and almost falls. I bite my tongue to hold in my laughter. He was so gullible, it killed me.

"Who? Who's the son-of-a-bitch who did it?"

"You'll never believe this, but it was-" I stop in mid-sentence as my pager beeps. Good, right on time. Seeing him get all excited then having to wait to get the answer was just too amusing of an opportunity to pass up.

"Dad, I have to get this. I'm sorry. I'll be right back to tell you though." Before he can get a word out, I figured he was speechless at coming so close to getting his answer, I leave the room. As soon as I turn the corner, I double over in laughter. I was going to tell him all right, but it had to be when the timing was right. I had to make him beg for it before I told him and judging by that expression on his face, he would be on his hands and knees soon enough.

Chapter 4