What the hell were you thinking, man? Those words, those actions were so.. not like you! Test thinks as he walks to his locker room then next night at the Smack Down! tapings.

Yeah, but, they were damn cool. And arrogant. Arrogance is equal to self- confidence, so there was nothing wrong with them, another voice in his head says. There were two arguing voices and he felt if he had been part of a cartoon, an angel of him would appear on one shoulder while a devil image of him would manifest on his opposite shoulder.

The arguing in his head ceases when he sees Molly Holly up ahead. An unseen force in him causes him to walk over to her.

"Hey Molly," he says in his usual, kind tone.

Turning around surprised, she says, "Hello Test. How are you today?"

"I'm doing great. Real great. You?"

"Well, you know when you're Mighty Molly Holly, everything is fantastic," she states with a grin.

Test smirks. "'Mighty' Molly, huh? How about you show me how mighty you are?"

Molly furrows her brow. "Excuse me? What?" She wasn't sure she was following his thoughts correctly..

Without thinking twice about it, Test begins stroking her curly hair.

"You're a super hero, aren't you?" Test goes on to ask, a grin slowly creeping onto his face.

"Um..." Molly didn't know exactly what to say. He was making her very uncomfortable touching her in such a way, but she's too stunned by Test's unusual behaviour to say anything.

"If you're a super hero, then maybe you can save me. My desires are in need of being satisfied and you look like the woman for the job."

Molly's jaw drops a little as she finally understands just what he was getting at.

"Test!" she exclaims, horrified. She backs up fast to get his hands off of her hair.

"What?" he asks incredulously. "You can't tell me that Helms is satisfying you as much as you need. I'm bigger and most definitely better than him," Test comments, looking down at the blonde with a smug expression.

Molly says nothing, she just huffs and quickly walks away.

"I'll see you later, Molly!" he calls after her, chuckling. Once she's out of sight, he slaps a hand against his forehead.

"What just happened there?" he questions. "That was worse than what you said to Lita!" He groans, shaking his head as he turns around and goes to his locker room. He needed to sort out his problem and soon, before he did something he totally regretted.