"Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through!"

Within the last twenty-five minutes of Raw, before the main event, the Hurricane comes out for the last time. Well, for that night, at least. While he knew that it would be much harder than usual for him to uncover the villain's secrets after showing these videos, he'd still do it somehow. As a super hero, he refused to let any obstacle - big or small- stand in his path of success and undoing the wrongs in the WWF.

"Before I show you this next video, please be advised that it's content is highly disturbing. Now, some of you may or may not believe me, but please, heed my warning. It's also best advised that small children and babies not be subjected to the viewing of this tape, for they might be scarred. Not just by the content, but by the pure evil of these persons lies and actions." Helms pauses thoughtfully for a minute, pacing back and forth. The lies of these upcoming individuals were quite extravagant indeed. Should he go ahead and show the clip? After another moment of debating with himself, he decides to go ahead. He's come this far, anyway...

"Sorry about the delay, folks. Without any further ado-" the super hero motions towards the Titan Tron for the final time, "the fourth and final video. Remember Rhyno, Lance.. it's nothing personal."

And for the fourth and final time that night, the all-too-familiar black and white countdown from five begins and ends at zero almost immediately it seems.

The video this time is outside. The sky is dark and the stars are shining, but barely. That's because all of the lights coming from the nearby building are decreasing the stars' brightness. The video pans over to the nearest corner- a dankly lit area, but enough light to see a couple of people standing there. The video gets closer to the two and shows two women dressed in expensive-looking dresses. Both were around the same height - 5'10" or so- but one was a little heavier than the other. Seeing the smoke floating in the by the lights around them, it was obvious they were smoking.

"Can you believe the audacity of that guy back there?" The skinnier one asks, in a odd, high-pitched voice. "I mean, he was trying to put his hands all over me! As if!"

"Don't worry about it," the heavier one says. Their voice is a strange tone as well. "If we see him when we go back, I'll kick his ass from one corner to the other."

"Aww, thanks. I appreciate it, I really do," the skinny one comments. They pause for a minute, taking a drag from their cigarette before continuing. "You know, I wouldn't mind dragging it up so much if it wasn't for all these perverts out here. They think, 'Oh wow! A chick wearing revealing clothing.. let's touch!' and go crazy. If I wasn't married, I'd take them back to a room one day and show them what kind of chick I really am." Just then, the skinny one puts their hand up to their hair and pulls. The hair comes right off.. it was only a wig!

"I mean, seriously. Can't I do anything I love without be pestered about it? I love wrestling and all, but sometimes there are fans who don't have morals and.. I just don't want to go there. They think just because I play a bad, serious guy on tv, I'm like that in real life." The camera focuses in more to reveal the person standing in the sequined, teal dress is in fact Lance Storm!

The audience in attendance is obviously in shock, as no one is exactly laughing. A few people gasped, but the majority were just watching, jaws dropped. If Lance Storm was into dragging, then just who could the other one be?

"I know exactly what you mean," the other one says. They, too, then take off their wig to reveal themselves to be.. Rhyno!

"It's not just the fans, either," he says softly. Not at all like the usual gruff voice he's always used on television. "It's some of the guys backstage, too. They think that just because I'm a big, tough guy, I don't have a sensitive side. Well, it just so happens that I do and I let it out by dragging. Of course, they wouldn't understand that..."

"Just don't worry about it, huh?" Lance puts a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, as he could tell he was getting upset. "How about we just go back for another drink then call it a night?"

Rhyno stands there thoughtfully for a moment. "Sure," he agrees after a minute, a smile beginning to show on his face. He flicks his cigarette to the side and then bends down and proceeds to put on a pair of red, spiked shoes that matched his dress.

Lance does the same, but with a pair of teal spiked shoes. He then puts out his cigarette under one of his heels and the two begin walking away. As they walk, they sway their bodies the way normal women do - their hips moving slightly, taking feminine steps. Once they're out of sight, the video stops.

By now, the audience is laughing. They had obviously gotten over their shock from before. Hurricane, meanwhile, is gripping the microphone in his hand. He figured that the audience's laughter was only to hide their sorrow of being lied to. Everyone had their own to express their sorrow, anyway.. These people just liked to laugh.

"I'm so sorry you all had to see that," he apologizes, frowning. "It just had to be done though. Lance, Rhyno, hopefully for you two, everyone won't be indifferent towards you. Sure, they might be a bit miffed at the fact you lied, but any and all treatment you get towards you for lying, you deserve. Lying will get you no where and no one will ever get away with lying as long as the Hurricane is around!" The audience cheers loudly at this, which is no surprise to the Hurricane. After all, he figured the people appreciated his help in uncovering the terrible lies which were bestowed upon them.

"I shall be back, ladies and gentlemen, but not tonight. After I have gathered more evidence of vile villains in the World Wrestling Federation's backyard, you will be notified. Until then, keep in mind - thru howling winds and pouring rain, all evil shall fear The Hurricane!" He then drops the microphone onto the mat for the last time and exits the ring to thousands of fans standing on their feet and applauding. Each and everyone of them couldn't wait until the Hurricane returned. The same couldn't be said for his fellow wrestlers backstage, but that was something they would just have to deal with until they learned to be truthful and honest. Or unless, of course, they decided to do something about Helms once and for all...

(The End.)