It had been a week since Vince had "found out" that it was Andrew's doing to the site and had fired him. Vince had him thrown out by security and humiliated him in front of his peers. If Vince had his way, and he usually did, Andrew would never work in the business of wrestling ever again.

Good, the little twerp can go back to working at some dumpy, low paying store where he belongs. Bye bye, Andrew Martin! It was unpleasant knowing ya!

I snicker as I remember my little sister's reaction to Vince's termination of Andrew's job. Soon after I had gotten back to my office after leaving Vince's, she burst into the room, tears streaming down her pathetic little face. I can remember the conversation as if it happened just hours before....

"Shane!" she had cried, running towards me, arms open.

"What's wrong?" I had questioned, jumping to my feet for a full effect. I knew perfectly well what the little bimbo was all upset about. Stringing her along was going to be too much fun...

"Daddy just.. he just.." She was sobbing so hard, she couldn't get the words out.

"What, Steph? What did he do?"

"He fired Andrew!" she finally managed to blurt out before sobbing even louder. I damn near burst out laughing at her when she said that.

"Oh my god.. he, he fired Andrew?" I had asked, sounding shocked. I went around the desk and pulled her into a hug, although I didn't really want to. Who knows if one of the diseases she surely had could be contracted through such close contact.

"Yes!" By now her shoulders were shaking tremendously. "I never told anyone this, but I really loved Andrew. That whole storyline between the two of us a couple of years ago jump-started our relationship. We were even talking about marriage! And now.. Daddy hates him! You should've heard the horrible, horrible things he was screaming at Andrew.."

I patted her on the back and shook my head. "What was he saying? Did he say *why* he fired him?"

She let out a few more sobs before inhaling deeply and taking a step back. Wiping a few tears from her cheeks, she looked back at me with bloodshot eyes. "He said something about Andrew seriously screwing him over and how Andrew was going to be paying for a long, long time. He wouldn't even let Andrew get a word in on behalf of his defense! Dad can be so unfair!"

Suddenly an idea popped into my head. If Steph loved him as much as she said, then this would all work out perfectly.. Her being incredibly stubborn didn't hurt too much, either.

"Hey, Steph.. why don't you talk to dad, tell you how you felt about Andrew? Maybe you could find out why he fired him and persuade him to give Andrew another chance?" I suggested, getting much amusement at how her eyes brightened after hearing that.

"Do you really think that'll work?" she asked, sounding a little hesitant. "I mean, he was pretty pissed.."

"Are you kidding me? You're Daddy's Little Princess! Of course he'll hear you out. And whatever you do, don't let him get away without promising to at least let Andrew explain to him his problem.. You know he can be stubborn, but if you keep pushing, he's bound to crack!"

The little trashbag ho nodded her head thoughtfully. I laughed inside at Chris Jericho's famous insult towards her. It was amazing how truthful that intelligent Canadian could be...

"Go on, Steph, talk to him!"

"I will!" she replied, confidence coming back to her voice. She gave me a grateful smile and headed back towards the door.

"Oh, just one more thing..." I called after her. She turned around and looked at me curiously.

"Wait about a week for him to cool off, okay? He'll be more calmed down then."

"Thanks Shane, I'll do that." She gave me another smile before exiting the room.

Returning from my flashback, I look down at my watch. It was almost 8:30. When was Steph going to talk to Vince?? It had better be soon, because I was growing impatient. Waiting for the loving father-daughter relationship to crumble between those two was just too great of an event to wait patiently for.