The Cuddle Critters

As you scroll down, you shall notice that I've got my own fair share of pets. I love each and every one of 'em and I wouldn't trade them for the world, so don't ask! =P


Isn't he so handsome? My dear Spike was born on 6/26/97. He's a chubby little bumpking, but I love him! My first "real" pet. (Not as if my hamster Max wasn't real, but you couldn't take him on walks! And no, those hamster balls don't count!)

Halfy Girl

Don't ask about the name. =P This here is my Princess and the first cat I rescued from outside. She's a bratty, picky little thing.. heeeeey.. she's just like me! ;)
Nickname(s): Princess
DOB: 4/2/01


The sexy big cat! =) He's Halfy-Girl's brother and while he was a feral kitten who was petrified of humans, that's all changed now. That's most definitely evident by the fact he has to sleep at my feet at night!
Nickname(s): Clyde-O-Mac, Big Mac, Big Mac Daddy
DOB: 4/2/01


Awww, he's my baby! He used to be the tiniest little kitty, but look how that's changed, huh? ;) He resides above my head at night and doesn't budge - at all. His hobbies include leaping on people's backs when they're bent over and beating up the Salt brothers.
Nickname(s): Alien Nation: SmellyAlien, Icky Face
DOB: 4/2/01


You know Miss Beverly Biscuit from the page about me! ;) She's a attention-seeking little runt, but is very deserving of all that attention.
Nickname(s): Biscuit, Bulldog, Beaverly
DOB: 6/10/01


Icky pictures, I know, but she's Beverly sister and if you just - no wait, that won't work, they look nothing alike, lol. Anyway, don't be fooled by the girly pink font above her name - she is quite the evil cat and beats up all the other male cats whenever she deems necessary.
Nickname(s): Birdo
DOB: 6/10/01


Yeah, she's sitting on a PS2. Bad kitty! Anyhow, this is Beverly *and* Clyde's daughter. She's getting a bit chubby and she's always rambunctious. A whole lot of fun. =)
Nickname(s): Bonnie Ann Biscuot, Bonnifer
DOB: 3/21/02


Bonnie's sister and Beverly *and* Alien's son. He's the bigger push and while he looks smaller than his sister (could be because they were born six hours apart! =-O) he sure can kick some ass!
Nickname(s): Marvin the Martian
DOB: 3/21/02