Links! Lii-iiiinks!
Heh, here's your chance to delve into the mind of ME and go visit the sites I go to on a regular basis.  Don't worry, they're not all.. um, bad. ;) I promise!

GameFAQs - all your video gaming needs! Gotta love the message boards.
WWF Mirror Images - Question Time is the best part... so is the Then and Now, hehe. - if you don't know what's on here.. you're dumb. =P
Mr.Cranky Movie Reviews - forget Siskel and Roper.. Mr. Cranky is better! He's honest.
Maximum Russell Crowe - all your Russell Crowe needs right here.. simply the best Russell site on the web! - all of your James Marsters needs right here!
Meg's Boyfriend of the Week - this girl has got some pretty good taste... - get your Green Day right here..!
Metal Sludge - the absolute best site on heavy metal satire. Incredibly hilarious!
DailyConfession - go here NOW!
Emode - Personality tests, career tests, tests of all shapes and sizes.  Pure fun.
Rotten - the infamous  Don't go here if you have a weak stomach.
Cruel Site of the Day - some of these cruel sites are downright amusing...
Newgrounds - the problems of the future, today! Wonderful flash games here...
Crime Library - for all your criminologists out there, there is the place to go.
The Spark - even more quizzes... funny ones, at that.
Canadian World Domination - Whoooo! I can only hope..
Buddyhead Gossip - want music gossip or just plain 'ole disses on whomever they don't like? Go here!
Coming Attractions - see what movies are being talked about, made, put in the can, coming out, etc.
Useless Knowledge - the stuff I know all about... useless trivia!
Try Walking in My Shoes - Jen's Musings - Go here now and read Jen's amazing stories!