My Men!!!

Yeesh, that font is bright, isn't it? Anyway, this little 'ole page here shall feature.. well, quite a number of men I have appealing to myself.  Sure, the choices may seem a little.. weird to a few, but, I don't care.  I know my taste is perfect and I can't help it if some people are jealous! *blows raspberries* =P

Let's go in alphabetical order, shall we?  Click on a name to see a picture and maybe a short bio.. if I'm not feeling lazy.

Armstrong, Bille Joe

Banderas, Antonio

Bloom, Orlando

Bowen, Andrew

Caan, Scott

Costanzo, Paulo

Crowe, Russell

Dante, Peter

Davis, Jonathan

DeLonge, Tom

Derakh, Amir

Duval, James

Eisen, Tripp

Elwes, Cary

Estes, Rob

Fatone, Joey

Fehr, Oded

Gerin, Terry

Gordon, Jay

Green, Seth

Gyllenhaal, Jake

Haley, Paige

Helms, Gregory

Irvine, Christopher

Jentry, Sloane

Jordison, Joey

Kanyon, Chris

Knoxville, Johnny

Levy, Scott

Mabius, Eric

Malakian, Daron

Margera, Bam

Marsters, James

Martin, Andrew

McConaughey, Matthew

Mewes, Jay

Myers, Mike

Nash, Preston

Nelson, Judd

Nicholas, Thomas Ian

Nivola, Alessandro

Northam, Jeremy

Pearce, Guy

Perry, Matthew

Piazza, Mike

Reso, Jason

Reynolds, Ryan

Ribisi, Giovanni

Shay, Sketchy (Racci)

Shinoda, Mike

Townsend, Stuart

White, Jack

Williams, Harland

Witwer, Sam