Picture Time!

Various, stupid pictures in my folder. They seemed a little neglected, so I needed to do something with them!

Flintstones, meet the flintstones... eerrrr. Okay, whatever. *L* That's my little brother (on the right, errr, left!) in the Flintstones Mobile and that's me on the right. It didn't move, unfortunately. =\

I don't even know why I put this picture up, lol. I hate it. The quality is bad.. you can't even see my nose ring... which I don't have anymore.. *cries*

Awww.... look at that cute little girl. I wonder who that is? O =) I still have that Care Bear doll, too, hehe.

Oooh.. this was taken very shortly after lift-off on the way to Florida last year.  Wonder if my house is down there...

Ignore me on the right. I hate my smile! Grrrr!

*LMAO* Okay, this is my Uncle Joey's dog Mugsy. He has an overbite (or is it underbite) problem, as you can see, but I think he's soooo cute!

Look! Scooby's dancing!!

Dun dun.. dun dun.. dun dun! Jaws prop, hehe. So cool.. I love that movie!

More pictures to come.... maybe! =P