Wanted Desperately: Chicks

Do you know how sexy you are? Test questions mentally, posing in front of a body mirror in his locker room. You're definitely the most perfect creature on the planet..

"So why in the blue hell can't you get a girl?!" That question he asks himself aloud. Sighing, he begins pacing back and forth. This was something he was doing quite often as of late.. As he clasps his hands together behind him, he goes on to talk to himself out loud.

"You've got it all man. Gorgeous, blond locks, incredible blue eyes, attractive face, buff arms, chiseled chest, great ass, one hell of a package, fantastic, muscular arms... " he pauses in front of the mirror, checking himself out again for a few seconds before continuing his pacing.

"So why haven't you gotten any action in months?" he shouts, beginning to lose his patience as he throws his hands in the air.

Maybe you've just been too shy, he offers himself. Chicks nowadays want the bold, outgoing type. That could be your problem...

A smile slowly begins to spread across his face as he believes he's got a solution to his problem. "Yeah, that's it..."

Wait a minute! A voice in his head shouts out. What if it's not that? What if its the fact the girls think you've got no self-esteem and confidence? Sure, you're always telling yourself how great you are, but do you ever display that confidence in front of others?

Test freezes in mid-pace as he thinks about this. As far back as he could remember, he had not in fact showed his confidence in front of anyone else...

All you need to do is show them just how confident you are and they'll be all over you. All over you. the voice goes on to say.

He could feel his already high self-confidence boosting even more. He just might have in fact found the perfect answer to his troubles. He hadn't had a female companion in more than half a year - a one night stand with Trish Stratus was the last time. The sexual frustration in him was rising with each passing day and as it grew and grew, he got more agitated. If he didn't do something about it soon, he was going to explode.

"Time to go test out your theory, buddy," he declares, leaving the room.

Chapter 2