"Stand back! There's a hurricane coming through!"

The audience cheers louder this time, as the Hurricane makes his way out to the ring for the second time that night. It was twenty minutes later, and just as he promised, Helms was back. The audience waited in anticipation to see what secret he would unveil next.

"Hello once again everyone," he greets, seriousness in his voice once again. "As I was heading back to my locker room earlier, Rob Van Dam stopped me. He was visibly upset at what I had exposed, but he shouldn't be so upset after the night is over. After all is said and done, he'll seem like a saint compared to the others. Which brings me to the next villain you must all know of. This one gentlemen goes by the name of Edge and what you are going to see will most definitely shock you!" He motions to the Titan Tron and almost immediately, the arena lights go off and a video starts.

The Canadian is shown sitting in his locker room with Christian. Edge was leaned over, his hand over his mouth. Christian's hand was on his shoulder, his face showing deep concern.

"Dude, Edge, are you gonna be okay?"

"I-I should be," Edge answers, his voice muffled due to his hand obstructing it.

That answer doesn't satisfy Christian. "They're not broken, are they? If they are, I'll replace them. I swear," he promises.

"No, don't worry about it," Edge protests, pushing Christian away slightly.

"You sure?"

Edge nods. "All I need is a little glue and everything will be fine."

Christian sighs. "Okay, great. I know I was the reason for your last busted pair of teeth, so when I thought I just broke them now..."

Edge laughs, removing his hand from in front of his mouth. In his hand are a pair of teeth. False teeth. Edge's false teeth!

"You've got nothing to worry about" is what Edge says, but it comes out sounding like, "You'fe got nofing to worry about".

The taller blond goes on to say, "I've had worse accidents with these babies. None too bad that the others have realized they're fake, but enough to make me worry."

Christian laughs and shakes his head. "How come you never told anyone that your teeth are fake, anyway?"

Edge takes a little bottle from his pocket and opens it. He pours a clear substance onto the top part of the false teeth and places them into his mouth. He does the same with the bottom pair and then bites down. Finally, he answers, "I was going to, but then everyone started complimenting me on my great, white, perfect smile and well..." A sheepish look comes across his face. "My ego got the better of me. Had I told everyone the truth, the compliments would've stopped."

"You are a bad, bad man," Christian snickers. "If everyone found out about this, do you know what they'd do?"

A serious expression comes onto Edge's face now. "No, I don't know, nor do I ever want to find out."

The video stops there, and just like after the first video, the audience is in an uproar. The Hurricane should've warned them about the videos being hilarious, not disturbing!

"You see folks, your favorite stars are not what they appear to be. Your Edge here has falsely accepted compliments for his 'perfect smile' even though his teeth are not real! He lied to each and every one of you, and that is quite villainous," Hurricane informs, shaking his head in disgust. "Edge, you let your ego take control of you. Tsk, tsk, I say. Everyone knows that a super-ego is evil, so therefore now that yours controls you, you can be deemed as super-evil! Don't worry too much though Edge, as you are not the worst of the bunch. I shall be back later!"

Dropping the microphone, Helms exits the ring right afterwards. Citizen Edge was his friend, but friend or no friend, he had to right all wrongs. He had to uncover the truth no matter what the consequences. He only hoped everybody would understand that in the end.

Just like before, as the Hurricane nears his locker room, he's stopped by the villain he just uncovered. There is no sign of Edge's usual grin. Just disbelief.

"Oh my God! Helms! I thought we were friends," the Canadian comments, the disbelief on his face now in his voice.

"We are friends," Hurricane tells him, "but my duties as a super hero come before my friendships. You should know that."

Edge sighs. "I should be an exception to the rule, dude!"

The Hurricane shakes his head. "I'm sorry, Citizen Edge. No can do. There are no exceptions to any of the super hero rules."

"Still, Hurri. Once you saw that footage, you should've realized how humiliated I'd be," Edge whines.

The super hero puts his hands up in protest. "If you haven't lied, I wouldn't have had that footage in the first place. I'm sorry Edge, but what's done is done. Now, I must be off! Good day!" He jumps off with another "whoosh" sound in the direction of his locker room.

Chapter 3