I don't want to go in. I really, really don't.

'You've got no choice in the matter, Shane. He's your father. You can't avoid him forever. Besides, who said it'd something bad? It could be for something good..'

"Ha!" I exclaim out loud. That was a laugh. I turn the knob now, figuring I couldn't stand out here any longer, as Vince probably heard my laugh. Damn the logical side of my brain...

I push the door open slowly and much to my surprise, Vince is standing right there. The glare on his face tells me that my laugh I just had wasn't a mistake.

"We need to talk. Now," he says in a low growl.

I give him a nod and step into the room. This was going to be migh-ty fun.

"Sit down," he commands, walking over to his side of the desk. I oblige and sit down. Usually, I would fold my hands in my lap and pretend to look him in the eyes, when in reality, I was looking at his big nose. Not today though. I wasn't in the mood to be a little wuss. If he wanted to bitch at me, I was going to stare straight at him and shout back. My tolerance for his crap was fading quickly.

"Do you have any idea as to why I called you here?"

"No. Why don't you tell me?"

Vince looks surprised at my tone, but I just smile a little.

"Have you been doing the work you're supposed to be doing?" he asks, narrowing his eyes slightly. "With the web site?"

"Of course," I reply, trying my damndest to supress my grin. I knew exactly where this was going... "I would never slack off." My smug tone must get to him because his face immediately goes red.

"Someone sure as hell isn't doing their job down there!" he shouts.

"Why do you say that?" I lean forward, faking surprise. "What happened?"

"Somebody published, right on the main page, the plans for all of the belts- who was going to get theirs when and from whom- for the next six months. Now, you know I had some very important shit scheduled for Raw and Smack Down these coming months and it's all ruined now!" By now, his face is a deep scarlet and a few veins are popping out from his forehead. I have to bite my tongue to not laugh in his face.

"Oh my God! Really?" I let out a gasp. "I-I can't believe that.. I checked over everything before the most recent stuff was published..." I shake my head in disbelief. "Someone must've hacked the site. Someone with the information."

"'Hacked the site'?" Vince repeats. "I thought you had that top-notch security program for it.."

"I do. Someone must've breached it. These hackers are good at what they do," I reply solemnly. Vince definitely was the biggest asshole in the world, but now on top of that, he was also the stupidest if he believed anyone could hack into the site.

"This is utter bullcrap." Vince sighs, leaning back in his chair. He closes his eyes and I let my smirk flash on my face for a second. It's gone as quickly as it appeared because Vince reopens his eyes seconds later.

"Was it taken down yet?" I inquire, silently hoping it wasn't. Sure, it didn't take me that long to post it, but I only put it up late last night and it was nearing the afternoon - the site didn't get the majority of its hits for another hour or so and I wanted everyone to see it.

"As soon as I found out about it, I got someone to get it off. I want you to watch your workers very carefully. Do some investigating. Ask questions. I want this asshole nailed and fired! Do you hear me?" There was determination in his eyes now and I suddenly remember how that same look used to frighten me when he was giving me a lecture, or going to get his belt... Well, I wasn't scared anymore. Sooner or later, I would show him I'm the better man.

"Will do. Don't worry, Dad. I'll catch them and as soon as I hear anything suspicious, I'll drop you a line." I get to my feet, not wanting to stay in this room anymore. My laughter was very close to surfacing.

"You damn sure better," he remarks as I get my hand on the doorknob. I squeeze it until my knuckles turn white. He was so cocky, so arrogant, I hated it. He was going to be sorry he ever existed. That was one thing damn sure I was going to do.

Chapter 3