Test sighs as he walks through the halls. It had been a few minutes since he left his locker room and there was not a female in sight. Usually he'd run into a one right away...

"Oh! Hey Lita!" he shouts, seeing the fiery redhead up before him. She stops in her tracks and turns around, smiling at him.

"Hi Test," she greets, still smiling.

"Hey. Listen, um, Lita..." his voice trails off as he feels his shyness coming to the surface.

Don't you wuss out now, he scolds himself. Just do it!

"Yes?" Lita asks, her smile fading slightly.

"How would you like to come back to my hotel room and show me just why you're considered extreme?" he suggests.

Okay, where the hell did that come from? he questions himself, shocked.

"Excuse me?" Lita is shocked herself. Did he just say what she thought he did?

"You know you heard me, baby. I want you to show me your extreme bedroom attitude. You show Matt and Jeff it enough, so why not any other guy? More specifically, me." He couldn't stop these words coming from his mouth, but for some reason, he was glad. He sort of liked them...

Lita says nothing, as his suggestions cause her to go speechless. Was this a joke or something? Test never, ever acted like this.

Taking her silence as a cue to go on, he continues with, "You and I could make our own 'Team Extreme' you know.. It could be short for 'Extremely Going At It In Bed!'"

He then proceeds to put a hand on her shoulder. "Let's go back to my room now, huh? I'm more than half the man Matt and Jeff are combined!"

Not wanting to hear anymore of Test's sexual suggestions, the redhead quickly slaps a hand across his face. Test is taken more by surprise than by pain. He immediately puts his hand up to his cheek. Lita, meanwhile, spins sharply on her heel and strides away.

"Nice going, buddy," he mutters. "Real smooth..." Maybe that wasn't the best attempt to use afterall...

Chapter 3