Like Father, Like Son? I Don't Think So

'You'll never amount to anything. Ever.'

My eyes narrow as those words echo in my mind. While they may have been thirteen years old, they still hurt just as much as the first time I heard them. Sure, my father said it in a fit of anger and apologized for it after he cooled off, but I always suspected that he had really meant it. After all, Vince only said what was really on his mind when nothing was holding him back from doing so. There definitely wasn't anything holding him back when he was pissed off.


I look up from my desk as Stephanie's voice breaks into my thoughts. She was poking her head in the door.

"Hey," I greet her, going to fix a stack of papers on the desk.

"Is there anything wrong Shane?" she asks, stepping into the room.

I curse her silently. She always could tell when I wasn't in my usual mood. This time around, however, I definitely wasn't going to tell her what was on my mind.

"No," I lie. "Everything's fine. I'm just a little tired." Tired of this life and how Vince thinks he can control me...

"You sure?" She looks at me suspiciously, standing right in front of my desk now. I could see the concern in her eyes, but I really could care less.

"Yes, I'm sure." I fake a yawn for extra effect. She stares at me a second or two longer before the concern disappears in her eyes.

"Okay then. Dad wants to see you in his office. That's why I'm here," she says, fiddling with my stapler. God, she couldn't keep her hands off of anything, could she? She definitely couldn't keep them off the guys in the back...

"Did he say what he wanted?" I question. I really didn't want to go see Vince, because it always ended up in a shouting match when we talked. Sooner or later, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from knocking him right on his ass.

"No. He just said that it was urgent and you need to see him right away."

I sigh heavily and slowly rise to my feet. If I didn't go to him now, he would surely come for me later and by then, he'd be really annoyed. Sure, he was a bastard in his normal attitude, but he was at his absolute worst when he was annoyed or angry.

Steph gives me a slight nod then exits the room. Muttering under my breath, I leave my own office and slam the door behind me.

Chapter 2