Stories, stories, stories...

So you came here to read some of my stories, huh?  Well, it's a LIE! I don't have any! Naaah, just kidding.  I've got a few. Check 'em out if you wish. =P You'll see they're all, uh.. wrestling related.  So sue me. =P

Shopping with Rob - Take a trip with Rob Van Dam to purchase some groceries. No worry, no bad language.  Just.. drug references. O =)

How Could They?! - Hurricane Helms, the resident superhero uncovers some of the dastardly secrets of the fellow WWE stars.

Wanted Desperately: Chicks - Test wants some female companionship... badly. Suggestive themes, if you couldn't guess by now. (Not at all finished, by the way. O=)

Like Father, Like Son? I Don't Think So. - When Shane McMahon wants to outdo the father he hates, he'll do anything. Some language. Be warned. (Not finished either.. I'm getting there though!)