Now that you've made the mistake of visiting my site, I must first bore you with this introductory paragraph! *insert usual evil laughter here* What we have here that I call my website is going to be nothing but a load of bull.. errr, stuff. About well, me.. and other stuff that has to do with me.  Duh. I think I deserve a site dedicated to myself after putting so much work into my other site *cough this one here cough* Before I go on and say anymore, however, I must put up a photo on this site that I know Jen will absolutely love. This is her reward for constantly putting up with my inane chatter night after night, hehe.  So, Jen... enjoy!!    *** Okay, well, I changed it. I wanna see some more sexiness on my screen! *L* It was about time for a change, anyway!***

Let's get on with the show, shall we? Where would you like to go first?

The Amazing Ashlee
It's about me, of course.  You know you wanna come here first. ;)

The Marvelous Men
Oh, all of those that I adore.  Which is quite a lot. Which just might be the reason behind a few ladies I know calling me a "hussy". O =)

The Cuddly Critters
My kids! Err... pets. They're so loveable. =)

The Peculiar Pictures
Just... random pictures. *L* A couple Florida vacation pictures!

The Quirky Quizzes
Find out just exactly WHAT I am! ;)

The Sensational Stories
At least, I like to think some of them are sensational.

The Luscious Links
I think this is pretty self explanatory...

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